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Bicycle Tour Co-Ordinator for 2001 will be Guido Mennes. Trip dates will be Aug 3 - 7, Friday through Tuesday, inclusive. All other logistical data will be the same. See the Registration page for 2001 registration form.

Pre-trip meeting at Guido's place 5465 Patina Drive SW Wed., Aug 1 @ 7:30 PM.

Check the Mabel Circuit Paddle Tour for a canoe/sea kayak version of this trip. Please note that this paddling trip is a private venture that is not connected with the EVCC.

This bicycle tour is a more leisurely tour designed to allow participants a chance to savour the summer ambience within the mountain environment in south central British Columbia. Though surrounded throughout the tour by the Monashee and Shuswap mountains, the route never ascends over any passes. We wind our way through picturesque valleys, alongside lakes and rivers, and through forest, farm, orchard, and summer holiday playgrounds. The Mabel Circuit Cycle Tour is a closed loop that starts and finishes at Three Valley Gap on the Trans Canada Highway, about twenty kilometres west of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada.

Traditional farm scene south of Mabel Lake.  Photo credit:  Peter LaGrandeur  July 1999.

Traditional farm south of Mabel Lake.
Photo Credit: P. LaGrandeur July, 1999

Riders will travel this route in the self supported mode without the presence of any support vehicles. Self reliance on what is carried on the bicycle is essential. Food and cooking equipment, camping and sleeping gear, and clothing for hot, cold, wet, and dry weather will all have to be on board the bicycles. Supplies and restaurants will be available at various locations along the route after the first day. Participants are advise to have previous experience in self supported bicycle touring as a foundation for this tour.

Riders must be prepared to carry everything they require ON their bicycles. A "hybrid" or mountain bike would be the ideal style of bicycle for this trip and must be capable of carrying panniers (unless the rider is keen to carry a back pack the entire length of the route - (NOT recommended!) or pull a "bob" trailer (this usually works quite well). There is no luggage vehicle or sag wagon available for this tour.

Bring clothes for ALL types of weather. It could be +30 every day or there could be rain and cold temperatures.

It goes without saying that everyone should have first aid skills. This is a basic life skill that all persons should have. All participants should make up their own first aid kits according to their own needs.

Never forget the bug dope in the great outdoors. And the bear repelling spray. And the sun block cream with the sun glasses.

All participants are required to wear approved bicycle helmets, properly fastened, while operating a bicycle on this EVCC tour.

Participants would be wise to have some means of filtering and purifying water with them on their bikes. There will be lakes and streams along the way, but not always sources of prepared drinking water when needed.

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