the Elbow Valley Cycle Club Presents the 1999

1999 July 31 - August 04..........Saturday through Wednesday

5 Days .......... 379 km

Day 1 - 40km, Day 2- 78km, Day 3 - 101km, Day 4 - 96km, Day 5 - 64km

All participants must be current EVCC members.

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Download the registration form for the EVCC 1999 Purcell Circuit Cycle Tour


Pre-Trip Meeting

1999 July 28, Wednesday 7:30PM

McDougall Center, Calgary

455 - 6 Street SW


Tour Co-Ordinator: Peter LaGrandeur

Calgary, Alberta

Webmaster: P. LaGrandeur......This page last updated 2005 Jan 29

Tour Overview


"Risk Acknowledgement & Acceptance of Self Responsibility"

The Elbow Valley Cycle Club offers this trip on the understanding it is a Common Adventure where each participant conducts him/herself independently, makes his/her own judgements about safety and well being, takes full responsibility for his/her own actions, and contributes whatever he/she can towards the success of the trip. The Tour Co-Ordinator is not a leader or professional guide of any type and acts only to provide basic logistical arrangements for initiating and running the trip. The route, itinerary and all other aspects of this trip are only suggested and, as responsible tourists, each participant is expected to research everything prior to the trip to whatever extent he/she feels is necessary to determine that all is safe and suitable. Each participant is expected to possess any skills, equipment, fitness, common sense, etiquette, knowledge of applicable legislations, etc., to enjoyably and safely be involved in th is activity. Each participant is the sole and final judge about his/her capability to safely proceed with this tour. All participants recognize financial loss, physical injuries and death to be real possibities facing anyone in the sport of bicycling and related activities and agree to assume all risks and consequences. All participants agree to absolve the Elbow Valley Cycle Club, its organizers, administrators and agents of any liability arising from Club activities. Any person who does not feel confident or self reliant about their abilities or who does not agree with this philisophy should not participate on this tour.



This five day self supported cycle tour will take us over good quality forestry roads, single track hiking trail, and paved highway conditions. Riders must be prepared to carry everything they require ON their bicycles. A "hybrid" or mountain bike would be the ideal style of bicycle for this trip and must be capable of carrying panniers (unless the rider is keen to carry a back pack the entire length of the route ---> NOT recommended!). There is no luggage vehicle or sag wagon available for this tour.

Participants are advised to carry 1:50 000 topographic maps and forest district maps for forestry roads and trails. Forestry maps are available from the below mentioned Recreation Officers for their respective areas.



No money will be collected by the Tour Co-Ordinator for this tour. Participants will pay all their own expenses along the way including submitting $5 to Tour Co-ordinator as donation for Jumbo Pass hut. Jumbo donations will be forwarded to hut operator. Tour Co-Ordinator's minimal expenses incurred in setting up this tour will (hopefully) be recovered by the participants pitching in for his evening meals at Kaslo and Canal Flats.

This internet information will serve as the orientation package. No handouts will be issued. Participants may output this web page onto their own printing equipment.



Participants must bring some means of preparing meals on the trail vs. acquiring sustenance at local food purveyors as per the following table:

- Brekky Lunch Dinner
Day 0 - - Invermere
Day 1 Invermere trail trail
Day 2 trail Cooper Creek / trail Kaslo
Day 3 Kaslo Crawford Bay trail
Day 4 trail Kimberly Canal Flats
Day 5 Canal Flats Invermere -

Accommodation Availability

Participants wanting accommodation other than the designated campsites must look after all their own arrangments.

- Camping Inn
Night 0

Invermere area

Night 1 Jumbo Pass cabin no
Night 2 Kaslo municipal campground yes
Night 3 Crestbrook Forest Industries primitive site @ St. Mary Lake no
Night 4 primitive site on Kootenay River bank @ Canal Flats B & B
Night 5 - -


Itinerary & Waypoints




Links and Contacts

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