Whiteswan Circuit Mountain Bike Tour
Day 1 @ ~33 km ..... Day 2 @ ~44 km
1999 June 12 -13, Saturday & Sunday

This two day self supported mountain bike tour takes place in the Invermere Forest District east of Canal Flats in BC. It starts at Whiteswan Lake BC Provincial Park. (See dashed red lines on map below which highlight route) The first day we head north along the forestry along the west side of the White River. We loop around the top to where the road parallels the Kootenay River. Camping that night will be opposite Gibralter Rock. The second day will see us continuing along the road that parallels the Kootenay River until it brings us to the road connecting Hwy 93 and Whiteswan Prov. Park. From there it is back to our cars at WSPP. Either while on the bikes or when driving out, we may try the Lussier hot springs.

Participants must bring their own food, cook gear, tents, sleeping bags, matt, etc. Bear/cougar precautions must be considered. Bring rain gear, clothes for cold and hot weather, and insect repellent. Make sure your bike is in top shape and don't forget to bring some basic repair tools and spare parts.

This tour is not associated with any club, company, entity, or any other sponsoring or sanctioning body.

Risk Acknowledgement & Acceptance of Self Responsibility:
This trip is offered on the understanding it is a Common Adventure where each participant conducts him/herself independently, makes his/her own judgements about safety and well being, takes full responsibility for his/her own actions, and contributes whatever he/she can towards the success of the trip. The Tour Co-Ordinator is not a leader or professional guide of any type and acts only to provide suggested logistical arrangements for initiating and running the trip. The route, itinerary and all other aspects of this trip are only suggested and, as responsible tourists, each participant is expected to research everything prior to the trip to whatever extent he/she feels is necessary to determine that all is safe and suitable. Each participant is expected to possess any skills, equipment, fitness, common sense, etiquette, knowledge of applicable legislations, etc., to enjoyably and safely be involved in this activity. Each participant is the sole and final judge about his/her capability to safely proceed w!ith this tour. All participants recognize financial loss, physical injuries and death to be real possibities facing anyone in the sport of bicycling and related activities and agree to assume all risks and consequences. Any person who does not feel confident or self reliant about their abilities or who does not agree with this philisophy should not participate on this tour.

Map - 1999 Whiteswan Circuit Cycle Tour

Tour Co-Ordinator: Peter LaGrandeur

Calgary, Alberta


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