Waterton Crowsnest Cycle Tour 1997

Another Elbow Valley Cycle Club Successful Adventure

June 28 - July 1, Sat - Tues

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This tour was an alternate event for the Peace Parks Circuit, cancelled due to the Canadian/US Flathead/Trail Creek border closure. It was a disappointment not to do Logan Pass in the "reverse" direction, however this route was a fine consolation.

Glentel Wireless - Neil Garnett's Card.


VHF Radio Supplier
Glentel Wireless Center - Calgary

Neil Garnett - Representative

The participants of this adventure tour would like to gratefully acknowledge the kind gesture of Mr. Neil Garnett of Glentel Wireless Center of Calgary for the loan of the VHF radios. It greatly enhanced the safety and security of our trip.

Be sure to see Neil for all your wireless communication needs including VHF units, all cellular service providers (Peter has a FIDO Nokia 5190 phone & loves it) and global satellite telephones including the new Iridium system.

Map of Waterton Crowsnest Circuit
Map of Waterton Crowsnest Circuit.

Darlene (L), Judy (C), and Jim (R) surmount a wilderness fence. Planning the second day's route in front of Joe's Place on the bank of the Flathead River.
^Darlene (L), Judy (C), and Jim (R)
Surmount a Wilderness Fence
Near the Flathead River.
^Planning the Second Day's Route
in Front of Joe's Place
on the Bank of the Flathead River.

EVCC Calling Card.

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