Kootenay Circuit Cycle Tour 1997

Another Elbow Valley Cycle Club Successful Adventure

Aug 30 - Sept 1, Sat - Mon

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This was the inaugural year for the Kootenay Circuit, and promises to be followed by many more on an annual basis. It is a fine alternative for the Silver Triangle Bicycle Tour which has traditionally been the EVCC's mainstay event for the Labour Day Weekend. The Kootenay Cct offers much less driving time to get to from Calgary, and winds its way through the flatter Kootenay River valley. Hope to see you on the next Kootenay Circuit.

Map of Kootenay Circuit Cycle Tour
Map of Kootenay Circuit Cycle Tour - 1997.

Group photo at Kikkomun Provincial Park. Tranquil campground at Fort Steel RV park on morning of day two.
^Ready to start tour at Kikkomun Provincial Park
on Morning of Day One.

^Tranquil Campground at Fort Steel RV Park
on Morning of Day Two.

EVCC Calling Card.

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