Goldrush Circuit Cycle Tour Album 1998

Another Elbow Valley Cycle Club Successful Adventure

July 2 - 9

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EVCC Calling Card.

Yes, it was another new tour. This eight day adventure happened entirely on paved roads through some of the most beautiful and diversified terrain in British Columbia. We saw desert, vegetated delta flatlands, snowy mountains, ocean, lush coastal rain forest, and alpine environment. Wilderness and urban environments were part of this trip.

Total distance was about 630km. We overnighted in Lytton, Yale, Mission, Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Duffey Lake, and Lillooet. Along the way we saw the Thompson River, Fraser River, Fraser Canyon, Hell's Gate, Fraser flood plain, the Lion's Gate bridge, the Sea to Sky highway, Mount Garibaldi, Pemberton, and part of B.C.'s historic Goldrush route. A three day climb from ocean side Vancouver to Duffey Lake saw us climb almost a mile above sea level.

This trip was a nice sequel tour for the Club, after having done the Sea to Sky & Sunshine Coast tours over part of this route in 1994.

Where is the Goldrush Circuit?.
^The Route

The Gang at Duffey Lake.
^The Gang at Duffey Lake: (L-R)
(Front) Peter, Werner, Carol, Adam, Denise, Brent
(Middle) Gary, Ken
(Back) Doug, Mehran
(Missing) Bill, April; + Laurie & Mikki (Crew)

April & Denise on Alexandra Bridge.
^April (L) & Denise at Alexandra Bridge
in Fraser Canyon on old Caribou Hwy Route
parallel to "new" Hwy 1 (Trans Canada Hwy) and Fraser River
on Day 1 of Goldrush Circuit Cycle Tour.

Alexandra Bridge Over Fraser River. Pot Luck Dinner at Yale Campground.
^Alexandra Bridge Over Fraser River. ^Pot Luck Dinner at Yale Campground.

Sun Valley Trout Park. An Impromptu Trail Through Vancouver.
^Sun Valley Trout Park. ^An Impromptu Trail Through Vancouver.

Werner & Denise on Pitt Meadow Dyke Trail near Vancouver. Another Sunny Day in Vancouver.
^Werner & Denise on Pitt Meadow
Dyke Trail near Vancouver.
^Another Sunny Day in Vancouver.

Whistler Hostel on Alta Lake. Lillooet River East of Pemberton.
^Whistler Hostel on Alta Lake. ^Lillooet River East of Pemberton.

Denise (L), Carol, and Mehran (R) take a break.
^Denise (L), Carol, and Mehran (R) Take a Break
While Ascending Duffey Lake Hill in 35 Degree Heat.
Photo Credit: Werner

Ken in his Famous 'Maritimer' Bathing Suit. (2nd) Potluck Supper at Duffey Lake.
^Ken in his Famous
'Maritimer' Bathing Suit
at Duffey Lake.
^(2nd) Potluck Supper at Duffey Lake.

Steep Grades. Lilloet Sign.
^Steep Grades Into Lillooet. ^Lillooet Town Sign.

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