California Coast Cycle Tour 1998

April 9 - April 20

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This was a tour planned and coordinated by John T. of Calgary. We were to fly from Calgary to San Francisco, cycle along the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles, and fly back home from there. As it turned out, we went as far south as Newport Beach, a half day's ride south of LA. From there, the others went back to LA, and Peter went on his own on the catamaran to Santa Cataline Island. After spending a day and a night there, he took the passenger ferry directly to LA and rode through town to the airport.

We started with five riders and lost two, Mr. X and John ?, both of Toronto, at Monteray. John T., Gerald, and Peter all continued to the end.

This was a trip well worth doing. Despite the inclement weather the first few days, courtesy of El Nino, the tour was wonderful and the spring Easter season enabled us to miss the crowds of summer. Thanks, John for setting this one up.

Total distance was about 800 kilometres. The longest days were 126 and 144 km.

The Pic's

Group photo at motel. Day 1's sojourn:  Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel.
^Group Photo at Motel
in San Francisco (San Mateo).
(L-R) John T., Mr. X, Peter
Gerald, John ?.
^Day 1's Sojourn:
Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel

Peter with smoked salmon on Fisherman's Wharf in Monteray. '17 Mile Drive' near Monteray and Carmel.
^Peter with Smoked salmon on
Fisherman's Wharf in Monteray.
^Seventeen Mile Drive Near
Monteray and Carmel.

Swimming Pool at Hearst Castle near San Simeon. Pool Colonnades at Hearst Castle.
^Swimming Pool at Hearst Castle
near San Simeon.
^Pool Colonnades
at Hearst Castle.

Pismo Beach Hiker Biker Campground. Refugio Hiker Biker Campground.
^Pismo Beach hiker biker
^Refugio hiker biker

Santa Barbara old Spanish mission. Santa Barbara beach walk.
^Santa Barbara old Spanish Mission.
^Santa Barbara Beach Walk.

Peter at Carpenteria beach. Venice beach walk.
^Peter at Carpenteria Beach.
^Venice Beach Walk.

Nice ocean view. Wrigley theatre and harbour at Santa Cataline Island.
^Nice Beach
^Wrigley theatre and harbour
at Santa Cataline Island.

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